The Ghost of Roger Casement

by Michael Brunnock

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The Ghost Of Roger Casement
Poem by William Butler Yeats.
Music written and produced by Michael Brunnock.


O what has made that sudden noise?
What on the threshold stands?
It never crossed the sea because
John Bull and the sea are friends;
But this is not the old sea
Nor this the old seashore.
What gave that roar of mockery,
That roar in the sea's roar?

The ghost of Roger Casement
Is beating on the door.

John Bull has stood for Parliament,
A dog must have his day,
The country thinks no end of him,
For he knows how to say,
At a beanfeast or a banquet,
That all must hang their trust
Upon the British Empire,
Upon the Church of Christ.

The ghost of Roger Casement
Is beating on the door.

John Bull has gone to India
And all must pay him heed,
For histories are there to prove
That none of another breed
Has had a like inheritance,
Or sucked such milk as he,
And there's no luck about a house
If it lack honesty.

The ghost of Roger Casement
Is beating on the door.

I poked about a village church
And found his family tomb
And copied out what I could read
In that religious gloom;
Found many a famous man there;
But fame and virtue rot.
Draw round, beloved and bitter men,
Draw round and raise a shout;

The ghost of Roger Casement
Is beating on the door.


released April 1, 2016
Michael Brunnock - vocals , bazouki
Eamon O’Leary - mandolin
Jefferson Hamer - acoustic guitar
Rob Calder - Bass
Matt Johnson - Drums
Chris Foley - Electric guitar
Deni Bonet - violins viola.
Tim Mitchel , recording , engineering
Martin Quinn – JAM Studios, Mixing and Mastering
Matt Beck - Exec Producer


all rights reserved



Michael Brunnock New York, New York

I have been working on this labor of love for a while ....

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