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I've been around the block.
I'm in the process of putting up my past albums in high quality Wav along with all artwork and credits. Also I plan to put up Bandcamp/Patreon exclusive material that wasn't released officially and can't be found on streaming services. Also will be sharing video of the process as i get to write ,record and produce new material
A subscription of $5 a month, will get you 4 albums and EPs worth of material, to begin with, 6 by the end of the month . and everything i putout from now on . theres a lot coming down the pipe this year.
I'm launching this idea along with my new single "A Blessing for Anyone" .
i feel this sustainability model is the way forward for me. A way to mutually appreciate each other and keep the flow going in a consistent manner. CD sales are becoming a very rare thing :-).

So lets make music together and share the love.
yours in gratitude
Michal Brunnock

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Michael Brunnock
New York, New York
I have been working on this labor of love for a while ....

Available here exclusively for the next month is "The Ghost Of Roger Casement". Stream it. If you sign up and pay what you can for this downloaded single.

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